Pool gates must be kept closed

Dear Residents,

Our pool area is the centerpiece of the lifestyle we enjoy at North Hills Club Townhomes.
The City of Austin performs random inspections at any and all times to ensure that each pool gate is closed and latched at all times to prevent unauthorized access, especially by small children or other vulnerable persons. If an open or even unlatched gate is discovered, the City of Austin can close the pool for thirty days and fine the Association. This happened with our pool several years ago, and it is happening right now with communities’ pools that are not careful about gate closure.
None of us wishes this to happen, nor for anyone to drown in our pool.
Please bear in mind that each pool gate must be closed and latched at all times except when someone is actively entering/exiting. If in passing by you see a pool gate that is open, or unlatched even if the gate is nearly closed, please fully close and latch the gate.
Thank you for your cooperation.