Volunteer Opportunities

***Page Under Construction***

There are new opportunities for volunteering for North Hills Club Townhomes Association!

The NHCTA Annual Meeting brought many talented persons and thoughts to the table.  There were suggestions from the floor to have volunteer committees and groups to help beautify and service our community.  There are many skills and talents that homeowners can bring to the table, and the board of directors would like to channel those energies to all of our benefit!

The volunteers will work with the board of directors and under HOA guidelines to make sure all efforts are aligned with our community vision and strategies.   All are invited to sign up and help out.

How to volunteer?  Contact:  Adrienne Carter   Phone:  (512) 784-6680   Email:  adrienne.carter@yahoo.com


Committees will be the following:

  1.   “Adopt a Flower Bed or Landscape Area” – signup to maintain a flower bed or landscape area.  Duties will include watering, planting, etc.
  2.  Clubhouse Modernization – do you have skills in flooring, painting or other areas?
  3.   Fence Painting –
  4.   Other Ideas?  Let us know what you believe would be a great volunteer effort