Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Board exists so that North Hills Club Townhomes can remain a special place to live. Anyone wishing to make external changes to their property must meet the association requirements for modifications and submit an application before initiating work.

Architectural Review Process

  1. Read the Design Guidelines
    The Design Guidelines, as well as other legally binding documents, are provided to homeowners prior to closing on a house. Please read the guidelines and application requirements carefully before submitting your application.
  2. Submit an Application
    Download the Architectural Control Committee application at
    Architectural Control Committee(link not active)
    Fill it out, submit your application, along with any other required documentation, to the management company. Please ensure your application is complete as incomplete information will only delay a decision.
  3.  ACC Review
    The ACC will review your application and perform any site inspections outlined in the association documents. You will be contacted if the ACC has questions or if there are problems with your request. Note: the ACC enforces community guidelines but it is up to you to make sure you meet local permit requirements.
  4. .Approval or Rejection
    You will be notified of your request’s approval or rejection. If you have questions about the decision, please contact your community manager.